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November 5, 2017

Stringbike uses Plastic Instead of Metal Chains

A Hungarian bicycle company is revolutionizing the way we ride bikes.  Stringbike is a bike that uses super durable plastic string instead of cumbersome metal chains to take you where you want to be.   The strings, made out of the wonder plastic Dyneema, move in a back and forth motion to pedal the bike. […]

October 27, 2017

Plastics and Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety Tips for Trick or Treating Halloween is coming up and it’s important to remember to stay safe.  Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe this Halloween. Remember the flashlights. Trick or treaters will be walking from door to door at night in many unfamiliar areas.  Equip your little ghouls […]

October 22, 2017

These Retro Plastic Homes are the Way of the Future

Big things are happening for tiny homes in Marseille, France.  An art exhibit showcasing three small plastic houses from the 1960’s and 70’s look like something featured in the Twilight Zone, but actually could be put to practical use. One of the plastic cabins displayed in the Friche de L’Escallette sculpture park is the Hexacube, […]

October 13, 2017

Plastics and the Environment

Plastic is Good for the Environment! Plastic products have become a staple in modern society.  From water bottles to plastic bags, plastic helps us in so many ways.  Here are some of the top reasons why plastic is actually good for the environment! Plastic is lightweight. Plastic can be used instead of metal, making it […]

October 5, 2017

Frida the Rescue Dog Wears Special Plastic to Save Lives

In Mexico City, a rescue dog named Frida carefully trudges through the debris left over from the double earthquakes, searching for survivors and victims of this natural disaster.  Frida is apart of a special canine unit of the Mexican Navy responsible for locating people, dead or alive, among the rubble of natural and man made […]

September 27, 2017

Plastic can Save your Family’s Lives

There are many hazards found in your home on a day to day basis, especially if you have small children.  There are many plastic safety innovations found in your home that help to protect you and your loved ones. Many people use individual laundry detergent pods to wash their clothes for convenience and ease.  Unfortunately, […]

September 12, 2017

Football Season is Here – 10 tips on using plastic to up your tailgating game!

10 Way Plastic Ups your Tailgating Game The air is getting crisp, the leaves are starting to fall, students are returning to school, so you know what that means:  IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON!  What better way to celebrate your favorite team than with a fun tailgate party!  Here are some super fun and easy ways plastics […]

September 1, 2017

Plastic Bags Can Have a Second Life!

Everyone has that one drawer in their home filled with plastic bags from the grocery store.  We all save them, but for what?  Before you declutter your home and throw them all away, here are some incredible ways you can reuse your plastic bags. Plastic bags are ideal for picking up after your pet on […]

August 17, 2017

Plastics Innovations in The Automotive Industry

High Performance Plastics in the Automotive Industry Plastic is innovating the way automotive companies are building vehicles.  With growing concerns to the environment, car companies are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint.  Here are some of the top ways plastics in vehicles is good for your family and the environment. Plastics make your […]

August 10, 2017

5 Back to School Saving Tips Using Plastic Products

It’s back to school time and we all know what that means, back to school shopping! Back to school shopping can be expensive and very wasteful, but plastic products are durable and able to last much longer than some other products. Lunch boxes. Lunch boxes and packaging are much better for the environment that constantly […]