Our home is our safeguard from the elements.  Our roof protects us from rain and snow, our windows and walls protect us from heavy winds.  A building envelope helps protect you and your family from the outside.  But what is a building envelope?

A building envelope works just like a normal envelope.  When an envelope is sealed, it keeps the items inside, and keeps things from getting in.  A building envelope works the same way with the outside air.  They are physical barriers that keep the conditioned air in and the unconditioned air out.  This is where plastic comes in.

Plastic products are used to really insulate homes in a way more conventional products can’t.  Multiple plastics can be used to optimize energy conservation, such as combining foam insulation and sealants.  Without plastic, we would waste a ton of energy trying to maintain the atmosphere inside our homes and businesses.

Plastic is a cost efficient method to protect our homes as well.  It is easy to produce and even easier to install.  When combined with different types of plastics, building envelopes can save you and your family lots of money while keeping your family comfortable.

One great form of injection molded plastic that helps your homes efficiency is “Insulated concrete forms,” typically expanded polystyrene blocks that stack and are filled with concrete and rebar to create walls;

Do you know if and what kind of plastics protect your home?