This year’s favorite toys are made from durable plastic sure to delight kids of all ages.  Toy companies like 50 Strong and BeginAgain are leading the way in producing great plastic products for this season’s Christmas holiday.

50 Strong has created a Scooter Stand for the holidays.  These stands are made from a low profile, heavy duty polypropylene plastic to store scooters and prevent them from falling over in the garage or the yard.  They are also interlocking to store multiple scooters.  50 Strong has also created the OZ Count water bottles made from copolyester that allows athletes to track the amount of water they’re consuming.

BeginAgain toy company is utilizing crowdfunding to produce more toys from bioplastics.  The toys will be produced with injection molding and made in the USA.  The bioplastic is made from a polyethylene/corn cob combination.  

The most popular toy this season are Wowwee Toys LTD Fingerlings Baby Monkeys, a responsive, animatronic toy that hangs out around a child’s finger.  The monkeys are created from an ABS resin injection molding with various sensors and electromechanic parts to encourage children’s imagination and motor skills.

Plastics are involved in creating the most sought after toys of the season.  What plastic creation are you vying for this holiday season?