Halloween Safety Tips for Trick or Treating

Halloween is coming up and it’s important to remember to stay safe.  Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe this Halloween.

  1. Remember the flashlights.
    Trick or treaters will be walking from door to door at night in many unfamiliar areas.  Equip your little ghouls and goblins with a lightweight, plastic flashlight with fresh batteries to help them light their way.
  1. Contact information.
    For younger kids who are still learning their address and phone number, place your information in a plastic baggie and tuck it inside your child’s costume.  This will protect the information in case it gets wet, and will be easy to find in an emergency.
  2. Check your child’s candy.
    It is important to check the candy when your child returns home.  Candy is wrapped in plastic to protect it from contamination or other harmful items.  Throw out any unwrapped candies or any candies your don’t recognize.
  1. Reflective gear.
    Being able to see trick or treater is very important.  Use reflective plastic tape on costumes and candy bags to make them more visible to drivers.
  2. Fire Safety.
    Be wary of Jack O’Lanterns with candles.  Make sure that you and your childrens’ costumes and wigs are flame resistant.  For your pumpkins, use plastic battery operated candles for the same spooky effect.

What are some ways that you and your family plan on staying safe this Halloween?