Color matching is always a challenge and we offer the expertise needed in this area to match everything from fluorescents to translucents, and in every conceivable color. Oftentimes, a 100% unconditional return guarantee is offered, so if you are unhappy with the results, you are not responsible for the cost. Industry-standard color matching software relied on for proper color analyzation, is in place to further ensure that your requirements in color matching are met.


IP’s flexible pricing system allows you to choose the simple price-per-pound quote, or you may select only the services required, to enhance cost-savings opportunities.

Our sales staff is ready assist you in choosing alternative materials through custom blending and packaging tailored to your production needs!


Utilization of compounded or formulated materials may be a feasible solution for some of your production processes. IP specializes in the sourcing of custom compounded pelletized resins. Providing basic information, such as resin type, color and specifications, will help us source the right product for you. IP will source your product, process the order and deliver to your specified location, ready for the production line.

Through our affiliations with top compounders and their quality assurance laboratories, we are able to ensure that a quality product is formulated, first time, every time. Our partner compounders use the latest ASTM standards, calibration standards traceable to the NIST, and some of the most modern test equipment available to monitor the quality of your material. IP works closely with our compounders to make sure that any issues with material are resolved quickly and efficiently.

For help with extrusions, IPI is ready to meet your schedule on any size lot, large or small. Exotic resins, including glass and mineral filled, foamable, flame retardant and UV stabilized materials are all available at competitive prices.