Plastic is Good for the Environment!

Plastic products have become a staple in modern society.  From water bottles to plastic bags, plastic helps us in so many ways.  Here are some of the top reasons why plastic is actually good for the environment!

  1. Plastic is lightweight.
    Plastic can be used instead of metal, making it a much better choice for transportation.  The lighter the vehicle, the less gas and fuel it needs to get from point A to point B, making it a clear winner for the environment.
  2. It can do more with less!
    Plastic is sturdy, and requires less material to produce, making it great for shopping bags and piping. Those plastic bags come in handy when trying to make one trip from the car!  This also helps to reduce the carbon emissions when producing plastic products!
  3. Plastic extends shelf life of foods.
    Plastic packaging helps to keep food fresher longer.  It also protects food from germs and bacteria that can grow while being transported from the farm to your grocer.  Plastic also delivers more food with less waste and energy use!
  4. Plastic in your home saves energy!
    Plastic insulation and other plastic building products saves you money and lowers energy costs and needs. Over time, your home will use less energy, and plastic is durable and easier to fix and replace!
  5. Recycling plastic is easier than ever!
    So many retailers provide places to recycle your plastic bags and other plastic materials.  Recycles plastic is versatile, too, and can be converted into a number of new products!  Recycling plastic is also more time and energy efficient, too!
  6. Plastic is reusable!
    It’s so tempting to simply toss empty plastic containers into the garbage can, but many of those items can be reused around your house!!  A lot of plastic containers, such as yogurt and margarine containers, are dishwasher safe and can be used to store leftovers.  Convert a milk jug into a watering can!  The uses for grocery bags are endless.  Look around and think outside the box for what you can reuse!

What are some of the ways plastic is helping you make the environment better?