Our pets are a part of our family.  They bring so much joy into any household, and we want them to have the best quality of life they can.  So when our furry friends are injured, we want to do what’s best for them, and take care of them.  Innovators in the plastics and veterinary business want to do just that.

Take, for instance, Hudson.  He was a puppy who lost his paw nailed to the railroad tracks.  His owner and the talented and creative folks at OrthoCare wanted to help him for his heroic battle through recovery, so they were able to build him a plastic prosthetic paw so he could walk again!  Hudson is so grateful that he is now a therapy dog and helps others who are suffering.  

Many companies are now taking a cue from OrthoCare and creating plastic and foam prosthetics for many different animals.  Plastics provide the durability and flexibility the animals need to move and run just like they would had they not been injured.  

3D printing is also working together with plastics to mold and shape custom prosthetics for animals to provide them with the best life.  While this is still a new technology, it is already helping dogs like Derby have fun with his family!


Do you know an animal who could benefit from plastic prosthetics?