It’s back to school time and we all know what that means, back to school shopping! Back to school shopping can be expensive and very wasteful, but plastic products are durable and able to last much longer than some other products.

  1. Lunch boxes.
    Lunch boxes and packaging are much better for the environment that constantly throwing away a brown paper bag every day. Try to find a pail made from recycled plastic bottles!
  2. Pens.
    Disposable pens and mechanical pencils can provide a ton of waste! Look for pens made from recycled plastic water bottles. It could also be a great ice breaker to start the new year!
  3. Binders.
    Binders are used every year to protect and store school work. Plastic binders tend to last longer for your school year, and when you’re ready to purchase a new one, some places, like Office Depot, will recycle your plastic binder and provide you with a coupon for a new plastic binder!
  4. Backpacks.
    Many backpacks this year are using polyester made from recycled plastic, which provides a green alternative and a stronger bag for your books.
  5. Clothes.
    Many retailers are offering clothing that also contains polyester made from recycled plastic. Be sure to check the tags to see if your back to school brands are gong green.

How will plastic products make your back to school better?