A plastic’s group recently helped out the community.  IPEG’s Conair Groups Vice President, Brian Dowler, heard about a charitable group from Zelienople PA Church of Christ.  They were making turtle lap pads and blankets for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, There was 1200 pounds of leftover pellets that the company from their lab in Cranberry, PA that they were able to donate and put to great use in this Church project.  This gift was greatly appreciated saving them $1800 as purchasing the filler was prohibitive at $1.50 per pound.

These lap pads and blankets are filled with plastic and the weight helps in Autism disorder and is a non drug therapeutic tool for anyone suffering from anxiety sleep disorder, inability to relax and comfort themselves. Draping these blankets across the lap or shoulders of a child with autism provides deep pressure touch stimulation which help their bodies produce serotonin which helps with their sleep, appetite, memory and mood.  Providing these blanket are very welcome to parents and teachers to give their children a feeling of security.