It may surprise you, but from the invention of plastic in 1907, plastic has improved our quality of life tremendously. Plastic is found everywhere, from hospitals to schools, and even in space! Here are some unexpected places plastics pop up in your life.

  1. Eyeglasses
    While the original eyeglasses were made from glass, many frames and lenses are now using plastic. Plastic glasses are lightweight, durable, and even hypoallergenic! Plastic can be molded into any style, from 50’s cat eye to sleek and sophisticated elegance. Want to look cool at the beach? Many sunglasses are now made out of plastic, too! Plastic specs are much safer for our eyes, as they are shatter proof. From the library to the pool, plastic’s the way to go!
  2. Golf Clubs
    Turns out, your “wooden” driver may just be made with plastic! Synthetic foam is used to fill the shaft of the driver to make it lighter and protect it from the elements. Hole in one for plastic!
  3. Insulation
    Using plastic for your home insulation is not only good for your wallet, but good for the environment, too! Plastic is safer and lasts longer than typical insulation, and protects your family from electric wires running through your home. Plastic is great to ward off unwanted guests. Bugs hate plastic because it makes it much harder for them to find refuge in tiny cracks and crevasses around your house.
  4. Plastic Grass
    The grass of the future! This is not your grandmother’s Astro-Turf! Plastic turf is used primarily in sporting arenas because it can hold up to the constant wear and tear of athletes, but you can also install it around your home, too! Bonus, no mowing the lawn ever again!
  5. Winter Jackets
    Plastic is not only good for insulating your home, but your body, too! Plastic is waterproof to protect from the elements. Whether you’re climbing Mount Everest or making a mad dash to your car, plastics will help keep you warm!
  6. Athletic Wear
    Not only is plastic great for winter sports, it’s also used for a ton of athletic gear! Plastics in fabric can be used for wicking away sweat and providing added durability and padding. So, for the athletic or the athleisure, plastic looks good on you!

So, how will you be using plastic today?