MakeX has introduced the first ever portable desktop 3D printer on Kickstarter.  The printer comes in two different sizes and five different colors to make 3D printing more accessible to families.

The desktop printers are aptly named Migo Amigos and come with their own backpack carrying case.  The lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to take your 3D printer wherever you go. Another super portable feature of the Migo printer is that there aren’t any annoying cables or cords to connect.  You simply access the printer via the internet, either using your internet browser or a convenient app. Migo printers allow you to really focus your designs by including multi thread slicers and allow for batch printing.  

The Migo Amigo is able to print while travelling, making this the ultimate in 3D printing on the go.  No more waiting around for your designs to print in your studio or office. While the Migo does come with its own backpack, the lightweight frame and bright colored handles make it easy to move the printer from one place to the next.  

The printer has the option of replacing the print head with a 500 mw laser engraver, which can be used on leather, plastic, metal, or any other pliable material.  The printer is also equipped with a camera to oversee the entire printing process, which can print up to 200 mm per second.

The printer comes with its own app, with feature available such as batch printing, teaching mode, generative design mode, and OLED screen.  The software is incredibly user friendly, making it the perfect printer for the first time user.

The printers are available now, only in silver, for the very reasonable price of $149, making this the perfect gift for the designer who has everything.