The Wayne, PA plastics company, Tekni-Plex is improving the try before you buy experience for retailers and consumers alike.  

Tekni-Plex Inc. has received a patent for Sniff Seal, a product that can be infused with the scent of the product it’s designed to keep sealed.  Consumers no longer need to break the seal to smell their product, or let the product go unbought because they aren’t sure of the aroma.

“There are many instances where consumers want to know what a product actually smells like before putting it in the shopping cart. Unfortunately, there are times when consumers peel back seals or remove fitments to experience the scent before buying,” said David Andrulonis of Tri-Seal, a business unit of Tekni-Plex, in a statement.

“When a package is returned to the shelf in a compromised condition, it is no longer sellable. As a result, the retail industry experiences a significant amount of loss annually,” said Andrulonis, senior vice president and general manager at Tri-Seal.

Sniff Seal allows the consumer to try the product without compromising the integrity and safety of the product.  This will give consumers peace of mind as to what they are actually buying, as well a peace of mind to the retailer, knowing that their product won’t go to waste.

“Imagine being able to experience the smell of fresh peanut butter or mango-scented shampoo or spring-fresh deodorant in a retail aisle without removing a seal or a fitment? That’s what Sniff Seal brings to the purchasing experience,” Andrulonis said.