Bionic Contacts Helping People See Better than Ever

For some people, glasses and contacts are a necessity for daily living.  According to the World Health Organization, more than 285 million people have vision problems, including cataracts.  Thanks to new technology in bionic lenses, these issues could be a thing of the past.

Ocumetics Bionic Lenses are claiming to help people see at least three times better than 20/20 vision.  The lens replaces the patient’s natural eye lens. It is placed into the eye by use of a saline filled syringe and unravels in about ten seconds.  It’s essentially the same as cataract surgery, only replacing the natural lens would do away with cataracts as well as eye strain and headaches. The entire process takes only eight minutes to perform.

The lens has been over a decade in the making and research has cost this Canadian lab over $3 million in development so far, but it could be worth it, as researchers are hoping to offer these lenses to the public as early as March 2018.  

“We have developed the Bionic lens to, in its default mode, make our lives function better in their normal realm and in its augmented capacity to allow for us to integrate seamlessly with the entire digital world. […] My humble perception is, that us human beings will be the center of artificial intelligence activity. So, I believe that we are going to filter and chapter on artificial intelligence that will be either around our head, or on our watch,or maybe both. So, it is, if you will, augmenting the human beyond what we normally anticipate.” says Ocumetics Bionic Lens inventor, Dr, Garth Webb.

While the bionic lens will be able to help with avoiding the deterioration of the natural lens, it will not help with color blindness, cloudy corneas, severe macular degeneration, severe genetic retinal diseases, or torn or damaged optic nerves.  

Overall, bionic lenses would greatly improve one’s vision to almost superhero levels.  Would you be willing to try bionic lenses?