In Mexico City, a rescue dog named Frida carefully trudges through the debris left over from the double earthquakes, searching for survivors and victims of this natural disaster.  Frida is apart of a special canine unit of the Mexican Navy responsible for locating people, dead or alive, among the rubble of natural and man made disasters.

Frida is clad in goggles and neoprene booties made just for her to protect her from the dust and soot stirred up from the earthquakes.  Pictures of her wearing this protect plastic gear have taken the internet by storm, displaying her as a symbol of hope through this tragedy.

Frida also wears a special harness made in part from plastic and a camera to help locate anyone trapped beneath the rubble.  She is able to go many places humans can’t, which makes her indispensable as a team member for the Navy.  She is one very brave girl who has already located 52 lives in her 7 year career, and her plastic gear helps her get the job done.

Frida has one more year with the Navy before she will retire with her handler,  and her plastic boots have helped to keep her safe while the beautiful yellow lab is out being heroic.

Plastic has helped keep Frida and her team safe and dry while out in the field.  What do you think about this brave dog and her plastic gear?