Everyone has that one drawer in their home filled with plastic bags from the grocery store.  We all save them, but for what?  Before you declutter your home and throw them all away, here are some incredible ways you can reuse your plastic bags.

  1. Plastic bags are ideal for picking up after your pet on a walk or at the dog park!  You can also use them to clean up your kitty’s litter box!
  2. Line your bathroom trash can or other small wastebasket with grocery store bags.
  3. Plastic grocery bags make great filler to protect your valuables when packing.
  4. Fill a plastic grocery bag with white vinegar and tie it around the head of your shower.  Let it soak to clean it of soap scum and mildew.
  5. You can also store your plunger in a plastic grocery bag to keep it sanitary.
  6. When traveling, store your shoes in plastic bags to keep them from getting your clothes dirty.
  7. Tie a grocery sack around your lawnmower to pick up toys, sticks, pinecones, etc, while you mow.
  8. Plastic grocery bags make excellent garbage bags in your car!
  9. Fill winter boots and old purses with plastic bags to help them keep their shape.
  10. Put an extra set of clothes and underwear for your child when they go to daycare or school in a plastic grocery bag.

If you still have too many plastic bags, and have no idea what to do with all of them, there are many places you can take your bags to have them recycled.  Check your local hardware and grocery store for places to take your bags.  Don’t forget, you can also recycle your plastic bread bags and produce bags at the same place!

What are some ways you reuse and recycle your plastic bags at home?