10 Way Plastic Ups your Tailgating Game

The air is getting crisp, the leaves are starting to fall, students are returning to school, so you know what that means:  IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON!  What better way to celebrate your favorite team than with a fun tailgate party!  Here are some super fun and easy ways plastics can help make your tailgate one to remember!

  1. Bring a plastic tub to carry home dirty dishes.
    Grab a plastic container with a lid to put in all of your used barbecue grilling tools.  It will keep your car clean and make it easy to wash at home.
  2. Use reusable plastic cups.
    Plastic cups are better for the environment, and each partier can take home a souvenir!
  3. Float a big balloon full of helium from your car.
    This plastic balloon will make it easier for your friends to find your party!
  4. Recycle your used plastic laundry detergent container to make a DIY wash station.
    A clean place to wash your hands may not be readily available.  By filling up an old laundry detergent container, you can make your own hand washing station that’s also good for the environment!
  5. Bring plastic sets of drawers to keep everything organized.
    They’re lightweight and easy to load in the back of your car, and they will make it quick to locate first aid or bug spray!
  6. Jello Shots!
    Everyone loves to celebrate with jello shots!  It’s easy to make individual ones using plastic to go containers.  Make them more fun by using your team’s colors!
  7.  Get some reusable plastic chip and dip plates.
    Plastic chip and dip plates are great to hold your drink and food at the same time!  Bonus points if you can find them in your team’s colors!
  8.  Invest in some plastic tailgating games.
    Everyone loves to eat, drink, and play games!  Plastic games like Ladder Toss or Ring Toss rae always winners.  Of course, don’t forget about the plastic solo cups for beer pong!
  9. Fill plastic bags with “clean ice”
    No one wants to fill their cups with the same ice that everyone’s hands have been in!  Pack a plastic bag with ice that’s just for drinks.  Not only will it keep your cooler cold, but your guests will thank you!
  10. Bring plastic grocery bags, just in case.
    You just never know when you might need a plastic bag for garbage, or to help carry leftovers home.  It’s always a good idea to keep some with you.