The world’s largest single dome greenhouse is set to be built in France’s Pas-de-Calais.  Tropicalia’s designs were drawn up by France’s own Coldefy and Associates, in partnership with Dalkia.  The greenhouse will be a whopping 215,000 square feet. The single double insulated roof is unlike anything the world has ever seen.

It’s being called the “bubble of harmony” and will be home to an Olympic sized swimming pool filled with fish from the Amazon, and huge 82 foot waterfall.  There will be a kilometer long path that will connect several different rooms filled with different flora and fauna.

The roof will be made from a metal structure that has EDFE strips.  There will be three layers of dome to cover the entire structure to create the greenhouse effect. The excess heat will be used for the outlying buildings. These buildings will be used as a laboratory, clinic, and conference room.

“Our main aim for the Tropicalia project is to optimize the dome’s energy efficiency while minimizing its impact on the external environment”, explained Denis Bobillier, Technical Director of Major Projects at Dalkia. “We designed a double-dome that produces its own energy which is able to maintain a tropical atmosphere regardless of the climate outside, as one of the major challenges for the greenhouse’s performance is its heating system.”

The entire project will cost $62 million and will break ground in 2019.