L’Oreal has been the leading protector of skin for decades, and their latest advancement has had some help from the plastics industry.  L’Oreal has teamed up with  La Roche-Posay and fuseproject to create a technological way to protect your skin.  A new state of the art device that fits right on the tip of your finger could be the way to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

The plastic device, called UV Sense, is the first ever battery free wearable electronic sensor to measure an individual’s UV exposure and sends that information to an app on your cell phone.  The UV Sense is less that two millimeters thick and is worn for up to two weeks on the thumbnail.  The kit includes additional adhesives for multiple uses.

“Design and technology are inextricably linked, and as products become more personalized to individuals, both elements are integral to providing people with seamless experiences,” said Yves Behar, designer entrepreneur and founder of fuseproject. “By working with L’Oréal, we are able to pair deep expertise in beauty tech with an effective design that enhances consumers’ wellbeing without distracting from their everyday lives.”

The plastic allows the device to be durable, waterproof, sweat proof, and flexible, making it perfect for everyday wear.  The device transfers up to three months of data to an app on the user’s phone, letting them know if they’ve received too much harmful UVA and UVB rays.  It also lets the user know if they need to reapply sunscreen, or if it’s time to get out of the sun.  This information is important, as the CDC reported that 76,665 people were diagnosed with skin cancer last year alone.

Unfortunately, the UV Sense will not be available worldwide until 2019, so make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen until then!