Dow Chemical Company awarded Garcon Wines flat bottle the Diamond Finalist Award for their innovative packaging.  

The bottle was originally designed to solve the problem of wine bottles not being able to fit in the mail slots in the United Kingdom.  The flat bottles not only solve this problem, but solves many other issues. According to Dow Chemical’s website, “Using 100 percent post-consumer recycled PET instead of glass significantly reduces shipping weight and cost, eliminates potential breakage in transit and offers a more eco-friendly packaging material solution than regular plastic or glass,”  

The bottle carries the same amount of wine as a traditional glass wine bottle.  The bottle is 32cm long, 2cm longer than the regular bottle.

Naked Wines have teamed up with Garcon Wines for their innovative wine bottle design.

Laura Rosenberger, Naked Wines’ chief operating officer, said: “We are excited to partner with Garçon Wines. With Garçon’s letterbox-friendly bottles, we can now offer our customers a new way to send gifts and introduce their friends to Naked with a bottle direct to their doormat.”

Delivery costs and truck emissions are much more for glass bottles than the newer, thinner plastic bottles.  

Garcon Wines does not plan on stopping with simply making bottles for wine.

“We’ve secured our intellectual property for flat bottles across 35 of the main wine-consuming and producing countries, and we’ve got plans afoot to enter key wine and spirits markets,” CEO and Co-Founder Santiago Navarro told Packaging World.


Photo: Garcon Wines