Sous vide is a French method of cooking.  Sous vide means “under vacuum”, and that’s exactly the way this cooking method works.  Food is vacuumed sealed inside a plastic bag, then cooked in a water bath at a very particular temperature.  

With sous vide cooking, you are in control of the temperature of your food.  You are unable to control the temperature with other methods of cooking, which can leave food dry, undercooked, or cooked unevenly.  You can count on the consistency of your food every time with sous vide. Sous vide allows for your food to cook in its natural juices, so it doesn’t dry out or lose any volume.  This method allows for you to set the temperature and walk away, which is something that you’re unable to successfully do with regular cooking.

To try this method of cooking in your own kitchen, you’ll need a sous vide device which attaches to the side of a pot.  It gently heats the water in the pot to a low temperature, typically 100 degrees Fahrenheit, for a predetermined amount of time.  Thanks to the vacuumed sealed plastic, the water doesn’t touch the food, and the natural juices stay in the food.

Many people have questioned if sous vide is safe, and the answer is yes.  Cooking with food grade plastic makes this method not only safe, but delicious.  Food borne illnesses are a big concern with cooking, and sous vide eliminates the likelihood for contamination.  

The safest plastics are food-grade high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, and polypropylene, and almost every sous vide bags and ziplock baggies are made with these plastics.  High density food grade plastic can be washed and used again to help with sustainability.

With the help of food grade plastic, you can cook like a world class chef!