In the wake of large touch screens and Metal molded smartphones, Nokia will shock the world with the resurrection of the legendary 3310 phone. It will boast the light weight, molded plastic body that was a hit 17 years ago. With the cost savings of the plastic molding on these devices, the 3310 is expected to retail in the United States for a low $52.

Cracked screens are a constant concern for the average mobile phone user, but are consumers ready to trade in the sleek modern design of todays smartphones for the indestructible body of the past?

These phones will not have the modern tech capabilities like bluetooth or web browsing. There will be no email, Twitter or Facebook on this phone. This phone will however last a month on standby mode. Many consumers are reporting to have grown weary of the constant connectivity and desire a product that will be simple, durable, reliable and require minimal charging.

Some benefits of plastic phones:

  • Plastic material effectively doesn’t attenuate radio signals.
  • Plastic is relatively cheaper than metal or glass and therefore helps to lower production costs.
  • It allows for lighter devices, and makes replacing a scratched back plate affordable. It doesn’t chip off or crack like glass.

With the ever changing trends in mobile device usage, time will tell if Nokia will climb back to the top with the re-release of its durable classic.

Photo Credits: HMD Global